John Szczesniak, Bass

Hello, I’m John the bassist. Started playing guitar at 16.
Started playing bass guitar at 18. I had a few friends that played guitar but none that played bass so I made the switch to complete the band of friends.
Auditioned for my first “real band ” Messiah in 1983. Got my chops by playing many hard rock/metal cover songs. Messiah decided to go all original. This freed up my creative side.
Left Messiah in 1985 to join a band with a good friend guitarist of mine. Rightful Heir. All original. Played the local Motor City clubs for 2 years.
Moved to southern California in 1988 to try my luck in finding a band that would be close to where the record Industry was.
Played the Hollywood strip. Played in 3 different bands over the course of 6 years. Opened for heavy bands like Pantera at the Whiskey a Go Go.
Gave up the California dream for numerous reasons and came home to Michigan in 1993.
Married my old flame from the Messiah days. Got a great job at Ford Motor and decided to give up on music to focus on work and raising 2 kids.
Got the itch to play again in the summer of 2014. After playing around in some small fun projects I joined Dirty Deeds the summer or 2015. After watching videos of AC/DC I was confident that I could pull off a good impersonation of AC/DC’s own Cliff Williams.
Out of all of my musical endeavors Dirty Deeds has been the most fun and fullfilling group. The crowd response is awesome. They treat us almost as if we are actually AC/DC . “Making It” it music is a dream I gave up many years ago but being in this band feels like the next best thing. I’m looking forward to many more years of playing in this great group entertaining the audiences in the next best thing to AC/DC itself, Dirty Deeds Detroit’s AC/DC tribute band.
Fender Road Worn Precision Bass.
Ampeg SVT Anniversary Amp and Cabinet.
Shure GLX-D Digital Wireless Guitar Pedal System