Jim E. Gee, Young Angus

Jim E Gee (Young Angus)
He is one of the original founders of Dirty Deeds. He has been doing the Angus act before tribute acts were the norm. All of the amps and guitars are the same as what Angus would use, as well as the school boy uniform. High energy driving blues machine.

Gibson SG Standard (heritage cherry)
Gibson Custom Shop VOS ‘61 Reissue SG (faded cherry)
Gibson Angus Young Signature (dark aged cherry)
Gibson Custom (Black w/white pickguard)
Gibson SG Standard (naturalburst)
Gibson SG Original 2 (dark cherry)
Gibson SG customized (black)
Marshall Jtm45 Head
Marshall 1960bhw 4×12 Cab
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL Head
Vintage Marshall 1982 model 4×12 Cab
Marshal Artist 4203 Combo
Avatar 1x 12 cab with Creamback speaker