Matt Noble, Drums

Matt Noble has been playing drums for most of his life, and have been very fortunate to have played with many outstanding musicians over the years from Dallas to Detroit. He is very happy to be playing with such a high energy group like Dirty Deeds.

At the present time Matt Noble endorses Ludwig Drums and Meinl Sound Caster cymbals exclusively with the addition of the amazing Trick Double bass pedal

Stage area required is 8×8
Standard kit includes 1 – 22inch bass
1-12 inch rack tom
1-16 and 18 inch floor tom

Cymbals configuration
1-16 inch crash meinl soundcaster
1-17 inch crash meinl soundcaster
1-18 inch crash meinl soundcaster
14 inch hi hat meinl soundcaster
14 inch hi hat meinl classic custom extreme
16 inch Bryzance extra dry crash